How To Send Someone Your GPS Position Using AN SMS Text Message

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If you’re a hill walker, hiker, adventurer or just someone who gets lost from time to time and needs to communicate to someone your GPS position, then the ‘My Location’ app for Android may just well be the app for you!

If you’ve read my article The unseen risks of releasing an app in the app stores then you will know that I have a few android apps just lying around from getting booted out of the Google Play Store. Well this is one of them apps that I feel could come in useful to someone out there as I haven’t seen an app with this same functionality.


The reason the app was removed from Google Play was because Google see’s this app as a high risk due to the fact that it uses SMS permissions to initiate text messages.(In other words, they don’t trust me)

Google Play rejection

A simple promotional video demonstrating the ‘My Location’ app.

My Location: GPS over SMS

Have you ever needed to let someone know exactly where you are?

I found myself in the big city late at night and I needed to call someone to come and pick me up. The only problem was that I wasn’t sure where I was myself. In this situation then panic sets in and your mind races. What do I do? Where do I go?

When the app is opened it will determine your GPS position and gives the user the option to then send this information via an SMS text message to a phone number of your choice.

If the receiver of the message also has this app installed on to their device then they can open the text message which will plot the GPS co-ordinates to a map.

Now someone knows exactly where you are.

The app will also resolve the location to an address which includes the area code (assuming your at a registered address and not in a desert for example).

This also gives the receiver of your message the opportunity to then quickly and easily enter your postal address in to a satellite navigation system.

App details

Just the usual CAUTION: You may be charged for sending SMS text messages with this app. Your local rates apply.

Send your GPS location via SMS text message to someone and they will know where you are! The receiving user can also open this same app to plot the GPS co-ordinates to the map.

This app could potentially save lives for hill walkers, hikers etc. who cannot receive a data signal and is in need of some assistance.

This app was built with the following in mind:-

*Your running low on network data
*Your battery is draining and you need to alert someone quick
*High probability you have an abundance/unlimited SMS text messages
*It is most probably late at night

The app has two modes. Send mode, and Receive mode. The receiving end will be presented with a map, plotted with the senders co-ordinates and address/postal code for easy Sat Nav setup.

Please let me know if things don’t work as expected or have any improvement ideas etc.

A pretty simple idea but very effective.

You can test this app on your own, using the same device! Just send yourself a text message with the ‘Send’ option, then import the message using the ‘Receive’ option!

Supports the following Languages:

*Chinese Simplified


Download here for Android

Like nuts.. This app may contain traces of ads 🙂

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