How to install 4700+ useful Linux desktop tools in a fresh Mint system

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If like me you find yourself installing linux more often than not these days whether it be for friends, family members or just on your own PC’s and laptops that you have just lying around gathering dust then you will eventually get to the point where you are finally presented with the desktop and now you need some software installing. 

And when I say ‘some software’ I really mean thousands of tools which most certainly will be multiple Gigabytes in size once installed.

I have been running the linux Mint system for many years now and during that time I have come to discover some excellent open source tools in the Mint repository and so here I have created a list of these tools for you to download.

I have also supplied a short shell script which will install every tool in the list.

Although this is aimed at Linux Mint, this will work for any Debian based linux system such as Ubuntu with the exception of one or two Mint specific tools.

This list usually takes me around 24 hours to complete the downloads and installs but if you have a fast internet connection then yours could go much quicker.

Not everything in this tool list may be of your liking but here is a run down of what to expect:

  • Game emulators
  • Sound/Video editing
  • Kodi & other multimedia players
  • Steam
  • Torrenting
  • Multiple web browsers
  • Programming
  • Libre office & other office software
  • Networking

You may find the installation pause a few times for your input so you will need to stick around during the installation. Tools such as snort requires a network interface to be chosen. If you are not interested in this at the moment then just enter eth0 or wlan0 or what ever network interface you have on your system.

Have fun 🙂

Downloading and installing

Click the download button and uncompress the archive. The file contains a list of tools and a shell script to install these tools.

At present there are more than 4700 tools in this list and I will keep this file updated on a regular basis.

If you already know how to uncompress a tar file and execute a shell script then there’s no real need to continue reading, but for those who may need some help I will list the steps here:

  • Click the ‘Download’ button below
  • In your downloads folder: right-click and select ‘Open in terminal’
  • run the command# gunzip mint_tools.tar.gz
  • run the command# tar xvf mint_tools.tar
  • run the command# cd mint_tools
  • run the command# sudo ./ (then enter your root password)

Wait for the installation to complete. But remember you may be prompted for some input a few times for some configurations to be set so don’t go too far away while the script runs.

It can be a daunting task to remember all the common tools you use on a daily basis (and also some of the more rare occasions) but this will get you set up and ready to go in no time. Hope this helps.

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