How To Install 4700+ Useful Linux Desktop Tools In A Fresh Mint System

linux mint tool collection

If you’re like me and you find yourself installing linux more often than not these days, whether it be for friends, family members or just on your own PC’s and laptops at home then you’ll eventually get to the point where you’re finally presented with a fresh linux desktop and now all you need to do is install some software!



And when I say ‘some software’.. What I REALLY mean is THOUSANDS of tools which most certainly will be multiple Gigabytes in size once installed.



I’ve been running the linux Mint system for many years now and during that time I’ve come to discover some excellent open source tools in the Mint repository and so, here I’ve created a list of these tools just for YOU! I’ve also supplied a short shell script which will install every tool in the list.



Although this is aimed at Linux Mint, this will work for many Debian based linux systems such as Ubuntu with the exception of one or two Mint specific tools.



Please note that some of the tools in the list may not install as I may have installed these from a third party and they may not be available in the repository.



While downloading and installing every tool in this list, it usually takes me many hours to complete, but if you have a fast internet connection then yours would probably go much quicker than mine.

linux mint tools
linux mint tools
linux mint tools
linux mint tools

What Software Is Included?

Here’s a quick run down of what kind of software to expect:


  • Game Emulators
  • Sound/Video Editing
  • Kodi & Other Multimedia Players
  • Steam
  • Torrenting
  • Web Browsers
  • Developing
  • Libre Office & Other Office Software
  • Networking
linux mint software collection

Download & Install

I now keep the link to all the needed files in my pdf guide (which is essentially this post!) as I am asking for an email address in exchange.


I don’t usually ask much from you guys but I need to build up my email subscription list some how!


If you’re not interested in receiving regular emails from me then that’s cool, just unsubscribe! No hard feelings I promise.


The download instructions can be found in the PDF Guide!


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