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Do you ever watch a hacker movie and see someone using the command line to break in to computer networks and wonder to yourself “It would be so cool if I could do that!”? The skills that is. Not illegal stuff right?! 😉

The problem I had when I was growing up and teaching myself computers was that there was no structure to my learning.

I would consume every piece of random information and try my hardest to retain the newly found knowledge, except knowledge gaps existed everywhere for me.

Does this sound familiar?

Learning linux & networking has been a steep learning curve for me. But that’s why I created this site.

My goal with this website is to ultimately get you certified! Certified in exactly what, is your choice. It could be a Network Admin, A Linux Admin or even a Certified Ethical Hacker. But we gotta start from the beginning right? No matter where you’re at with your skill level today, this site should get everyone up to the basic skill level together! And what better way of knowing where your skill level is, than to get certified.

Guys! Don’t be just like me and consume every Youtube video, every course and buy a book just to glance over it every few years. It’s time to stop messing about and get certified.

Join me on my journey and we will become ninja together! 🙂

Are you tired of searching the net for info, only to come to the stumbling block of having to PAY for a COURSE?!  Don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent courses out there but I believe that knowledge should be free!

Another problem that I see when studying anything technical on the internet is that people write these posts and expect you to know all the jargon. But how can you learn something technical when the very information you are reading requires you to be.. well, technical! Just look at a wiki page on anything computer network related and you will soon see what I’m talking about here.

I created this site for the young, aspiring hacker to learn the knowledge and gain the skills needed to become proficient in linux, networking, network security and gain fundamental knowledge for penetration testing. Not only that, but my aim is to deliver you the information in a way that you can understand as a beginner.

Of course I don’t know everything.. but I’m working on it! And if you read this blog then you will learn along with me too! We won’t be doing anything illegal here though.. with great power comes great responsibility don’t forget 😉

Ready to become the next Mr Robot?


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