A user review of mintos.com and is it safe for investing?

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If you’re looking into investing some of your money then you may have came across Mintos.com.


Here I will give my honest review of this site and why I believe this is a good place for anyone to start acquiring an asset and to add it to your asset column.


When we find what looks like a great opportunity to create some wealth on the internet and it gets to that point of sending our hard-earned cash out, we are always on edge as to whether or not we are entering in to a scam. 


I can imagine that this would deter many people from even investing to begin with.


During my time of investing cash and taking great leaps of faith in some online investment platforms, though my naivety I have fallen victim to a scam or two in the past. But what about Mintos?


If you have read my article ‘Is investing Bitcoin on bitbond.com safe?‘ then you will see that I’ve been investing with crypto currencies in the past as well as government backed fiat currency for a while now and I would like to share my experience with Mintos.com.


Well read on and find out why I certainly think Mintos is an excellent choice to invest some money in to as I take you through my experiences that I’ve had with this site and why I will continue to invest in to Mintos now and the future.

What is Mintos?

Mintos is an investment platform based in Latvia that allows users from all over the world to invest. 


It offers multiple currencies in any one of a multitude of countries and hosts an array of loan originators in which you can personally choose any of them who you are willing to invest in.


It’s possible to receive an annual return as much as 17% (check out Kazakhstan) but at least 13% is not uncommon if you go down the Euro route. As you can see, this is a huge rate of return and should not be over looked.  

Features that make Mintos competative

One of the great things about Mintos is the fact that it makes it possible to exchange from one currency to another and so it makes diversifying easy.



It also supports multiple brokers (loan originators) and so it’s diversified even more so as you’re not tied down to relying on one particular broker to stay in business.


It’s possible to invest as little as $10 in to each loan and so it reduces the risk of loosing a huge chunk of your cash. 


But saying that, I have never had anyone default on me as of yet, and even if they did, I would be covered in the buy back guarantee from the broker. 


A little side note here: when selecting a loan to invest in from the vast array of possibilities then if you see the gold shield on that loan then this indicates that this broker has the buy back guarantee and these are the only loans I am willing to invest in.

My experience so far..

So I’ve invested around $2000 in to Mintos as of yet but I can say that the two years or so that I have been using Mintos, I have never had any problems what so ever. 


In fact, I have had issues in the past but the helpful and friendly staff that I have had support via email communication with have been excellent. They get my problems fixed in no time at all.


One of the problems I had was that I was withdrawing some cash out of the platform and in to my bank account. But what I had done was I was withdrawing Euros into my United Kingdom pounds sterling account. 


If I had let this transaction take place then my bank would have charged me a hefty sum for the privilege of converting Euros to pounds. 


The Mintos team were quick to cancel the transaction on my behalf. I then converted the Euros to pounds from within the platform so I could then withdraw that currency into my correct bank account without the conversion fee! 

My thoughts on the platform

I don’t follow all the social media sites as a whole so I can’t comment on how much time the Mintos staff spend on any but it does look like they do make them selves known on some top social sites for you to follow/like etc. 


This is always a good sign that their willing to communicate with customers and help in any way possible. 


It also opens up any comments that people have about the site or their practices so we can all see what’s going on.


If you’re looking for an online platform to trust and to invest some money in to and with high annual returns then look no further than Mintos. 


I highly recommend it and I will be using this site for quite some time to come. 


But of course, just remember that no investment is 100% safe and you should always do your own research. 


Be careful out there and remember, I’m not your financial advisor.

Why not check them out over at Mintos.com and see for yourself.

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